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More than just a professional shark cage diving organisation. This is the base of Mike Rutzen, well-known documenter and conservation advocate for sharks, also known as the Shark Man for his amazing skill of swimming with these animals. Shark Diving Unlimited is a fully licensed shark cage diving operator. We receive our permits from the South African Department of Environmental Affairs’ Branch of Oceans and Coasts. We are situated in the Great White Shark capital of Gansbaai, just 2 hours from Cape Town. We are the only PADI Diving Centre in Gansbaai where we specialise in Great White Shark cage diving and viewing where no prior experience is needed . . . Read More →

Marine Conservation

South Africa was the first country to protect the great white shark in 1991. The result of the protection is that of the cage diving industry. In 1998, the Bill to re-open Great White Sharks to commercial fishing was tabled, and the government decided to dismiss the application and collect revenue from  . . . Read More →

What our Clients say

“I had the most amazing time experiencing great white sharks up close. The Shark Diving Team were really great and helped me understand their cause as well as give me insight in shark land.” – Sandy T, Tripadvisor.

Diver with Great White Shark - Gansbaai

Research Projects

The first real and substantive research on the Great White Sharks only started in 1998, after the government decided to keep the species closed to commercial fishing. All legitimate research in South Africa is done by the Department of Environmental Affairs: Branch – Oceans and Coasts, Republic of South Africa, one of the leaders in Great White Shark research worldwide and they currently have 4 research projects active on these animals. They are all under the guidance of the top predator team of the the Department of Environmental Affairs: Branch – Oceans and Coasts, Republic of South Africa, led by Mr. Mike Meyer. 

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green-shark-barrier New Sharksafe Barrier System to protect both sharks and people - Not only are sharks strikingly beautiful, but without sharks patrolling the seas marine ecosystems would be thrown entirely off balance. Sharks weed out weak and sickly prey, keeping other species fit. Additionally, sharks keep the ocean healthy by feeding on prey species, ensuring that they don’t become overabundant. In essence, the shark is one of […]










Why Choose Us?

The Sharkman

Mike Rutzen has been in involved with sharks for over 20 years. His qualifications stretch longer than the average Great White; including Dubbed “The Sharkman” for his ability to swim with these magnificent animals, Mike is also considered an expert in this field; his work has been featured on TV programs worldwide with Shark Diving Unlimited being the go-to organisation for high-profile and celebrity clients.

We offer an unforgettable experience

We offer a safe and memorable shark cage diving trip with an emphasis on education about sharks from start to finish. Not only do we offer cage diving but Shark Diving Unlimited organises shark breaching trips around Dyer Island. Seeing a 1 ton shark clearing 2m of air is a legendary marine experience.

Concentrated on conservation

Shark Diving Unlimited’s top priority is shark research and conservation. Our aim is to prompt the public to recognise the value of sharks, dispel any myths and ways that people can protect them. Our efforts include supporting Department of Environmental Affairs’ Oceans and Coasts of South Africa; creating and promoting documentaries on shark conservation; and allowing people the opportunity to dive with sharks and see for themselves that they are misunderstood, gentle creatures.